Tanjong Pagar KTM Outing 2011


A nice and warm photo shooting outing with my new friends that i get know via FB.

Tanjong Pagar Malaysia KTM was choosen as the location for the shooting as it will going to close soon on this coming July 2011.

This is my first time having outing with this group of friends just for photography purpose.

Majority of them are Malaysian and they are very friendly , easy to mix and the most important thing is they willing to share and teach you some new skills in photography.

Oh ya… the nasi lemak and goreng pisang there are delicious. If you have a free time, give it a try before close.

Canon EOS 550D – Training Video


-Canon Delighting You Way-

If you’re new to Canon 550D, this short video will be helpful for you to learn a lot during the play. Within 30 mins from the video clips, you will learn what is Shuttle Speed, Aperture, TV, AV, M and etc.

Different environments with different lighting really affects the the way we capture the photo. I believe there is still a long long way for me to learn. I hope this video sharing will really help those who are new to Canon 550D like me.