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Canon Digital Laboratory 2011

Canon Digital Lab Training

Upon purchase of any Canon DSLR Camera, everyone are entitled for the Canon Free Complimentary Product Training.

The designed basic training programs with the objective to help beginners and first-time users to get to know their products. Their experienced trainers will touch on the key features and functions in the simplest manner.

This 2-hour training would equip you with the knowledge on camera operation which include the following,

• Shooting modes
• Exposure compensations
• Flash settings
• Metering, White balance, ISO (in DSLR training only)
• Zoombrowser software, and more…

Product training does not cover photography shooting tips.

Only applicable to Canon digital cameras purchased from authorized Canon dealers in Singapore only. (For purchases outside Singapore, training fees of $40 and $60 apply for compact and DSLR camera trainings respectively.)

I arrived earlier 15 mins before the training started. Took a snap while waiting for the trainer to start the session.

Canon EOS 550D – Training Video


-Canon Delighting You Way-

If you’re new to Canon 550D, this short video will be helpful for you to learn a lot during the play. Within 30 mins from the video clips, you will learn what is Shuttle Speed, Aperture, TV, AV, M and etc.

Different environments with different lighting really affects the the way we capture the photo. I believe there is still a long long way for me to learn. I hope this video sharing will really help those who are new to Canon 550D like me.